Cordoba Mosque

Spain has an extensive history. It’s the result of thousands of years of successive waves of different people who spread all over the Peninsula bringing their own cultures and mores, which has made this country so rich in culture. The Mezquita (Mosque) dates back to the 10th century when Cordoba reached its zenith under a new emir, Abd ar-Rahman 111 who was one of the great rulers of Islamic history.
Historians believe that there had first been a temple to the Roman god, Janus, on this site. The temple was converted into a church by invading Visigoths who seized Cordoba in 572. Next, the church was converted into a mosque and then completely rebuilt by the descendants of the exiled Umayyads—the first Islamic dynasty who had originally ruled from their capital Damascus (in present-day Syria) from 661 until 750.

Walking through those thousands of arcs makes you feel like you are in another time, another reality and let you admire the grandiosity of Islamics at that time.


Teresa Dulin & Mario Lopez


Teresa Dulin